Choosing the Effective Design for Iron on Patches

If you are a business owner, then you need to make sure that your company’s iron on patches will be able to attract your target customers. Most prudent business owners take advantage of the company patch on the employee’s uniform to promote their business, and you should too.
Unfortunately, not everyone has a talent in designing. We, at Patches4Less, can help you come up with an effective patch design. You can tell us the things that you want to include in your patch and we will do our best to give you the design that will meet your satisfaction. We have talented artists who can come up with the most effective design for your company or purpose.

The Usual Practice in Design Creation

If you already have a design, you can submit it to us so our artists can make the digital proof for your patch design. You can send us a drawing or sketch, a picture of what you want for your design, and/or description that will guide our artists in Iron-on-patchescreating the design. You need to give us something or everything that you have in mind in order for us to come up with the effective design.
Right after the design creation is the formation of the digital proof, which our artists will also prepare. The digital proof will be sent to you for approval. If there is anything that you wish to revise, then we will gladly do it. Understand that revisions will never cost you anything – we do it for free. We want to meet your full satisfaction and we will not start the manufacturing process until we meet your full satisfaction regarding the design of your iron on patches.
If there are things on the design that you wish to add or delete, just let us know. We want to hear your complete and honest opinion so we can serve you better. If everything is settled and you are totally satisfied with your patch design, then we can start making your patches.
We will use the approved digital proof to produce the patches. As soon as we finished the number of pieces that you ordered, we will package and send them to you after inspecting them.

Tips on Choosing the Design

It is recommended to have a patch design that gives your target customers or audience a brief intro about your company, club, or organization. Give them something to look forward to.
The design should clearly convey the things that you offer and it should be appealing. It is also advisable to use the colors that you usually use for your logo so that your clients can easily see that the patch belongs to your company. Choosing the colors that are associated with your company or organization can make people think about your company whenever they see those colors.
Make sure the iron on patches is attractive enough to draw attention. Bear in mind that no one will take any interest in knowing the establishment behind the crappy patch.
It is also important to choose the right shape for your patch. Other than the colors that you use for your logo choose the colors that are pleasing to the eyes. If your company is known for selling outrageous or loud products, then it is prudent to choose colors that practically shout – your target customers expect it.
You have the choice to create a simple or loud design, just make sure that that design is just right for your business. Avoid making too plain or simple patches because people might not find them interesting. You can also go for a complicated design if you think that you can attract your target audience better if you use such design.

Attraction of Patches

Many companies or organizations like the iron on patch because it is easy to use and attach. You just need to iron it onto the garment and it will attach itself. However, you need to make sure that you are attaching it on the right spot and the surface is smooth.
The patches come in several designs and styles. They can be attached on garments, bags, and anything that uses denim or cotton fabric. More and more companies that use embroidered patches on the employee uniforms also prefer the iron on or sew on patches over direct embroidery. The iron on or sew on patch is also cheaper than direct embroidery.
If you are having a hard time creating your own unique design for your iron on patches, let us know how we can help you and we are more than glad to be of service.