Level Up your Diet

The HCG Diet Drops is a highly effective weight loss product. It promises fast loss of those extra pounds without breaking a sweat. As amazing as it is, the HCG Diet Drops can be made more effective through the help of various Diet Essentials. These additional products serve as back up to the HCG Diet Drops.


Ready to lose one to two pounds per day? Start using the HCG Diet Drops to start your transformation into the new you. Diet Essentials raises the bar – making your weight loss journey with HCG drops more fulfilling.


hcg-dietThere are numerous Diet Essentials to enforce your weight loss with HCG Drops. These added accessories make weight loss easier and a smoother process. The HCG Diet Drops and the Diet Essentials work together to help you achieve your goal weight. While HCG Diet Drops Program is effective on its own. However, the use of Diet Essentials and other accessories make it easier to track the weight loss progress. Others help in getting rid of the excess fats for good. You might want to consider purchasing some of these Diet Essentials and accessories to make your weight loss journey easier.


The Diet Essentials are sold separately from the HCG Diet Kits. It is recommended, though, to purchase some of these Diet Essentials and accessories to make it easier to lose weight. Some of the available Diet Essentials include:


  • Body Scale:

Body ScaleAn accurate body scale will help in keeping track of your weight. Through this accessory, you will be able to determine the effectiveness of the HCG Diet Drops on you. You will know how much weight you are losing. Additionally, people taking the HCG Diet Drops will be given the chance to compare their before and after weights. This will assure them that their hard work is paid off. Make sure to choose for a body scale that will be able to calculate your body fat, bone and muscle measurements, body hydration, and overall weight. From these data, you will be able to determine whether you are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. Obviously, opt for the body scale that is durable – preferably made from impact resistant material. Word of caution though, does not over analyze your body based on the data you get from the body scale. While it is good to check your weight from time to time, allow at least a day of rest from weighing. Going through the body scale for every single day will make you obsessed with your body. Small decrease in weight per day may make you frustrated, or worse discouraged. Try to weigh for about 3 days a week, with at least one day intervals.


  • Tape Measure:

Tape MeasureThis accessory works with the body scale. The tape measure also helps in keeping track of weight loss progress. Unlike the body scale which provides detailed data of this progress, the tape measure shows the physical progress and changes. It will give you an idea how much inches you have lost in the past few days or weeks. As with the body scale, too much use of the tape measure may lead to over analyzing the body. Use the tape measure to just about once a week to get results.


  • Xilo Gum:

Xilo GumGum is known to be a natural way to suppress appetite and hunger. Chewing Xilo Gum whilst undergoing HCG Diet Drops Program will make curbing your appetite easier. With its variety of delicious and sugar free flavors, Xilo Gum will not seem like a supplement for weight loss. Additionally, regular chewing of gum helps in fighting cavity build-up.


  • Meal Replacements:

Meal ReplacementsVarious meal replacements, like the Triumph Meal Replacements, can be partnered with the HCG Diet Drops. These types of Diet Essentials help in sustaining lean muscle. During weight loss, muscles may become weak and soft because of the burning of excess fats. Triumph Meal Replacements avoid this from happening. Aside from enhancing muscle composition, the body is given a boost of energy to help you to get through your daily activities. These meal replacements are often taken during the second phase of the HCG Diet Drops program. Although there is a decrease in appetite, you still have to eat and take nourishment. Triumph Meal Replacements can be consumed in place of physical food. They are low in calories and fat so you don’t need to worry about gaining weight. Their high protein content provides energy and muscle power. Most of all, they have different delicious flavors that you can enjoy!


  • Appetite Control Pills:

Appetite Control PillsThe Triumph Appetite Control Pills are great to be consumed during the third phase of the HCG Diet Drops Program. During the third phase, or the maintenance phase, you will need to control, not totally suppress, the appetite. Appetite is controlled to prevent regaining the weight that is lost. Triumph Appetite Control Pills contain natural ingredients such as: Raspberry Ketone, which aids in the acceleration of fat loss, and Hoodia, which provides energy.


  • Multivitamins:

MultivitaminsBecause less food is taken during the use of HCG Diet Drops, some important vitamins – usually found in food – is not consumed by the body. As such, there is a need to take multivitamins to supplement the daily vitamin needs of the body. Triumph Multivitamins consist of Vitamins A, B, C, and E. Phytonutrients cold also be taken from Triumph Multivitamins.


These are just some of the Diet Essentials you can opt for to assist you in your weight loss. These Diet Essentials will assist you in keeping the excess weight off of your body. Adding such weight loss accessories will definitely give a boost into your weight loss routine.